An Experiment in Technology Deprivation

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For this assignment, you will be conducting an experiment on yourself. You will

record the effects of technology deprivation on yourself and your immediate

community. You may wish to warn your friends and family of the experiment before


Points to consider:

* You must choose at least one significant technology to give up (TV, computer, car,

indoor plumbing, cell phone, etc.), and you may wish to give up more than one.

The more types of technologies you are willing to give up, the more dramatic

the results will be. Speculate about what you think your reaction will be to

this experiment, as well as the reaction of your friends and family.

* Track how you feel during the use of the

technological product and your mood in general. As well as you can, record

how often you think of the technological product.

* Conduct and monitor the experiment.

record the following:

a. The number of times you want to use the technology

b. How you feel each time you stop yourself from using the technology

c. Your mood in general

d. The types of activities you are engaging in during the times you would

normally use the technology

e. How the people around you react to your deprivation

* Write up the results of your experiment touching on the following points:

a. What conclusions can you draw from the experiment?

b. What effect does the technology seem to have on you?

c. Were your moods better or worse during your technological usage?

d. What activities did you engage in that did not include technological use?

e. How did society react to your refusal to use the technology?

f. Did you ever cheat and what influenced you to do so?

g. Will you revert to your original technological use now, or has the experiment

had a more profound effect on you?

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