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Paper Sections:

  • Knowledge, Skills and Talents:1page
    • What is the difference between these three?
    • What do you believe are your knowledge, skills and talents (this should be before you take the inventory) and why should they be valued by a company?
  • Results of the StrengthsFinder Assessment/Inventory (2 pages approximately)
    • What were your top 5 themes?Describe them.
    • How do your results compare with what you thought about yourself before taking the inventory
  • Conclusion/Development Plan (3-pages approximately)

a.What is a career that interests you in the hospitality industry?In thiscareer, how likely/possible are you to work with a global company?With international employees/bosses?And/or serve international guests?Please think about your response here as you answer part b.

b.What is your development plan to become a more effective global manager based on the strengths that were identified?You may find it helpful to review the suggestions made in the assessment.Please come up with a detailed plan for each of the 5 strengths


a.Include a printed copy of your StrengthsFinder Results.This must be the results sent to you after you took the StrengthsFinder inventory and include your name, etc. in order to receive credit.

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