Code Breaking and Cryptoanalysis

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Code breaking is the art of accessing information that someone else does not want you to have. This definition sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Here is one that is a little bit more involved. Code breaking is also referred to as cryptanalysis, which is the body of knowledge relating to studying cryptosystems, as well as taking encrypted data and decrypting it without a key.

Primary Task Response:

  • Discuss three basic principles that we can use to break codes or systems.
  • Select one of the puzzles from pages 165 – 168 of our text.
  • Work the puzzle you selected to break the code.
  • Present the solution and the steps you took to break the code.
  • Create a puzzle of your own to challenge your peers to solve! Don’t forget to provide the solution at the end of the week if no one can break it!

Peer Response(s): Read the responses from your peers and offer a constructive critique or additional information that adds substantively to the discussions. Remember, a response that simply states that their post was good or that you liked it is not considered substantive and will not earn credit. You should contribute to the learning via your posts and responses. Be sure to acknowledge any outside sources you use.

Required Textbook: Oriyano, Sean-Philip. Cryptography InfoSec Pro Guide . McGraw-Hill, 2013

Answer the primary response in 300 words and 2 peer responses with each response in 100 words. No plagiarism and Reference required.

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