Cohabitation Paper

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With the attached audio interviews, you will write a typewritten 6-8 page (not including a cover page or reference page) assignment. In order to complete the assignment you will need to do some library research. You will use the textbook (attached) for concepts, but you will also need a minimum of 2 other references (newspaper articles, journal articles, magazine articles, online articles or books).


– Proper use of concepts from class. You will italicize all class concepts you use. You must show an understanding of those concepts.

– Explain the facts you use to support your statements.

– Include at end personal opinion.

– Make your presentation interesting.

– Proper use of references.

– Paper shows evidence of critical thinking.

– Provide a detailed description of the participants and their relationship (to each other and to you). Be sure to include all relevant background information that would be important for an outside reader to be aware of. Also include detailed information about the interview setting (i.e., who, where, when, how long, any problems?).

– Briefly summarize the topics discussed during the interview. Also, make sure to include a copy of the interview protocol (i.e., a list of your interview questions!)

– Compare and contrast the two interview conversations: What ideas were similar/different between the two interviewees?

First, analyze how the interview data was related to class material pertaining to the topic. For example: Did the data support concepts/trends in the text book and/or power points? Did the data extend or contrast with ideas presented in your textbook?

Second, how has the interview changed your thoughts regarding the topic?

Third, what related information would you investigate further in future interviews (e.g., what other topics would you discuss and what questions would you ask), and with whom would you be interested in conducting additional interviews? Also for this third part, be sure to explain why your proposed research would be of particular interest to others.

Be sure to cite your references correctly using APA style. THIS WILL BE TURNED IN ON TURNITIN.COM!! ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!


Citation for the book: Benokraitis, N. V. (2015). Cohabitation. Marriages & families (8th ed., pp. 256-264). Pearson.

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