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After examined the following links about the Depression-era problems and people, write a summary (1200 words) of your own experiences and observations about the people and the programs of EACH LINK, highlighting each of them and explain

  • What were the purposes or goals of these programs?
  • What impact did these programs have on the people you met on the virtual field trip?

Following three programms:(LINKS)

1) If you’d like to get in the proper thirties mood, begin with some music at Manufacturing Memory: American Popular Music in the 1930s…

2) Learn about what followed the crash and how it impacted people in towns and cities in the Great Plains. Farming in the 1930s: What Followed the Crash…

3) Listen to someone who remembers the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and find out how workers were paid. Farming in the 1930s: WPA…

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