Human Biology for Social Workers: Certificate of Completion Course

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Responses to the 14 discussion questions will need to be supported with examples. The required word count is between 300-500 word response for each
question. Responses cannot be longer than 600 words
or shorter than 300 words. The textbook that will need to be used is:

Leon Ginsberg, Larry Nackerud, & Christopher R. Larrison.Human Biology for Social Workers:Development, Ecology, Genetics, and Health.Boston:Pearson Education, Inc.ISBN:0-205-34405-4

1. Atomic and molecular theories
are fundamental to understanding human biology. In what ways do these theories
help or hinder your comprehension of human beings and human behavior? Do you
believe that scientific theorists always look at the world and its inhabitants
as collections of molecules and atoms or is it that some-thing that only
occasionally occurs to them, when they are engaged in scientific speculation
and research?

2. Compare the functions of the
nervous system with those of the circulatory system.

3. Compare and contrast how
theories with cultural determinism underpinning suggest social workers should
respond to the problem of chronic mental illness compared to theories that
integrate biological and cultural explanations for human behavior.

4. What are the strengths and
weaknesses in the “human lifespan” approach?

5.Define canalization and discuss how
evolutionary psychologists use this concept to discuss the relationship between
genetics and human behavior. Please use examples of human behavior to support
your discussion.

6. What does the emphasis in
western culture on speed of thinking as a sign of intellect mean for social
work clients who are members of oppressed groups?

7.Discuss how findings from the HGP are likely
to change our current understanding of mental illness. How will the findings
change the kinds of interventions used by social workers? What practices are
likely to remain unchanged?

8.Select four of the conditions described in
this chapter and search for information about them on the Internet using Google
or Yahoo or another appropriate search engine.Briefly describe what you found and how reliable do you believe the
information to be?How, in your opinion,
can one evaluate Internet information about health care for accuracy and

9. Discuss the role of genetics
in mental health disorders and cite two examples.

10. The chapter talks about the
physiological aspects of tobacco use. What would one have to know about the
psychological and social elements of tobacco use to effectively educate clients
about the use of the substance?

11. How do you contrast the
essentialist and social construction theories of human sexuality?

12. Researchers on aging disagree
about the inevitability of the deterioration of the body and the death of the
individual. Some think that life can be extended significantly longer than it
is. Others believe that it is simply impossible to eliminate the deterioration
and death of the human body – if not for some reasons, then for others. Which
side are you on? Do you think that the human body can be significantly extended
in life through biological interventions?

13. How can U.S based social
workers contribute solutions to the AIDS epidemic in Africa?

14. If your task was to teach an
adult social wok client critical thinking skills, where would you begin and
what would you emphasize?

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