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Part of the course requirements for this class is that you complete a ten-page (2,500-3,000 word) research paper utilizing at least ten sources. While this sounds daunting, everything we’ve done throughout the term has prepared you for this. The other good news is that you are welcome to write about any topic of your choosing, so long as it is related to science, engineering, or business.

The only other requirement that I am personally adding is that I want you sound a call to action – call upon your reader to do something, whether it’s to enact environmentally-friendly business practices, switch to compostable consumable products (eg: cutlery,) embrace humane science practices, etc. A research paper is fine, but a research paper that calls upon the reader to do something is much more powerful.


-to give you a capstone project which can be utilized in portfolios for university admissions or job applications

-to explore a topic of your own choosing

-to delve deeply into a subject

-to practice persuading your reader with logic, facts, and a persuasive argument

Requirements & Assessment

2,500-3,000 words (5 points)

-Standard formatting – 12 point font, 1.15-2x spacing, text not justified, etc. (5 points)

Divided into clearly-marked sections, and follows a logical pattern, ie: doesn’t ramble. (5 points)

Utilizes at least 10 sources and 6 in-text citations, along with an APA-style Works Cited at the end (5 points)

Makes a logical, persuasive call to action on behalf of the reader (5 points)

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