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Please avoid plagiarism and use simple words don’t refer me as an American cause I’m an international student with paying attention to use the most recent news that happen these days

For this assignment the student will read, summarize, and evaluate three articles from The Economist.The news stories selected should reflect the course– news stories dealing with international issues. No “human interest ” stories will be accepted.

This assignment will be worth 100 points and 5% of your final grade.

The assignment is due on September 14 at 11:59 PM.

Please follow the following format:

POL 100 Written Work: News Summaries: Fall UG Day:

As stated on the syllabus, students will be required to do 4 news summaries this term. The due dates are on the syllabus and posted on CANVAS. The news summaries must be posted on CANVAS.

Each student is required to read three news articles from The Economist. Only international new stories will be accepted. Each response must follow the following format:

Title of Article:

Date of Publication

Summary of the article: (one paragraph) and your opinion (one paragraph)

Each of the assignments are worth 100 points and 5% of your final grade for a total of 400 points and 20% of your grade in the class.

PLEASE NOTE: This assignment must be completed by the due date. Late work will be accepted but a penalty of 5 points will be assessed for each day late.

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