“Organizational Design and Culture”

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  • Watch the video titled, “How Disney Develops Culture” (6 min 35 s). You can view the video at http://vimeo.com/109015050.
    Disney University’s four (4) fundamentals are to innovate, support,
    educate, and entertain. Briefly describe the type of organization in
    which you are currently employed or were previously employed. Explain
    and give two (2) examples of how leaders sustain the culture in that
    organization, positive or negative. Note: When incorporating information
    from the workplace, be sure to remove all identifying information such
    as the name of the organization, the names of individual affiliates, and
    sensitive or proprietary information. Lecture 3 Topics: occupational
    and organizational choice decisions, foundations for successful career,
    the career stage model, the establishment stage, the advancement stage,
    the maintenance stage, the withdrawal stage, and career anchors

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