Peer review assignment

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Read three people’s articles, then write three comments to these three people.

Find three questions or problems for each comment, 25 words for each question.

ps: The three articles and grading rubric are given in the following documents.

Peer review assignment

You will review three papers written by your peers. For each review, you will complete a peer review worksheet and you will submit a score based on the rubric provided.

Here are more detailed step-by-step instructions for accessing and completing the peer reviews:

  1. Download the peer review worksheet you will be completing for each peer.
  2. Review the instructions here for accessing the peer reviews you have been assigned. The reviews are located in the original assignment “Design Project – First draft submission.”
  3. Review each paper carefully and score the paper based on the rubric provided. To access the rubric, click the “show rubric” link and enter a score for each criterion in the “points” column. When finished, click the “save comment” button.
  4. Respond to the three questions in the peer review worksheet. Responses for each question must be at least 25 words long.
  5. Upload your peer review worksheet in the comments section of each peer review you complete by clicking on the “attach file” link below the comments box.

You will receive points toward your design project for completing the three reviews. To receive full credit, you must answer all three questions and complete a rubric for each of the three papers.

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