Reference list and outline

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This is the second step in the development of my final project. Please
read well what is required for this assignment because It is very important
that you conduct a comprehensive search of the literature related to your
chosen social problem in order to fulfill the requirements for this project. You
should identify relevant research from 8–10 peer-reviewed journal articles and
books. The majority of your references should be articles from the last 5–10
years and you should not rely on websites for the information in your paper.
The references should be formatted using APA guidelines (6th edition).

addition to the reference list, you will also need to develop a detailed
outline of your project paper including annotations of where you will include
each reference. How you organize the information and use your references is
extremely important for the success of your project. Your outline should
include the major topics that you will include in your paper and where you will
use the references you included in your reference list.

My social problem is based on mental health, please original

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