Research Essay Assignment

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Mass Media Effect on Youth

Research Essay Assignment

For this assignment you will be writing an 8-10 page research essay with a clear argument.

This essay must contain an introduction that engages the reader, presents a thesis statement, and provides any necessary background information, definitions, or context.

This essay must also contain a body that thoroughly supports your thesis statement with at least 3 findings and 5 academic sources.

Finally, it must contain a conclusion that resolves your argument, includes a discussion of your findings, and offers recommendations or looks to the future.

This paper must utilize APA formatting and use at least 5 sources from the library databases.

Important!!! Use only

  • Use plain sentences
  • Define technical terms
  • Limit use of passive voice
  • Maximize use of nominalizations

Introduction and Background:

  • Identify the topic
  • Research question
  • Working thesis
  • 3 terms that needed to be defines
  • History (background)
  • Opposing viewpoints


  • 3 findings and 5 academic sources that support the thesis.
  • conclusion that resolves your argument
  • discussion of findings
  • recommendations or looks to the future


Some sources that might be helpful………

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