Sociological Insight #1: Sociological Analysis of “Miss Representation”

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ink to film:…


: After watching the film “Miss Representation”, in 3 pages minimum (do not exceed 5

pages), answer the following questions in an essay format using APA format.

Please make sure to implement

theory, concepts and terms from the book and class discussions

. Also,

please use at least three (3) outside


(scholarly article, book, newspaper, etc. other than your book) that support your claims (e.g. statistics,

theory, ideas, etc.) and

at least (3) three specific examples/moments from the film

to highlight your answers

and support your arguments. I


want you to summarize the film! Be brief when using specific

examples from the film. The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyze the film’s content using your

sociological imagination and critical thinking skills. The following general rubric will be used to grade your

paper: (a more detailed rubric is provided on Canvas via the ‘Resources’.)

1. Proper formatting and no more than 5 grammar mistakes:

5 pts.

**Proper formatting includes cover-page, in-text citations, reference page, proper page format (12 point

font Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, double-spaced)

2. The use of Sociological concepts, theories, themes and 3 specific examples/moments from film to

highlight arguments:

25 pts.

3. Answering all the questions in an insightful/analytical manner properly applying the sociological


20 points




1. How does media and advertising messaging affect women in leadership?

a. Why is women’s leadership important in our world?

b. What unique challenges do female leaders experience?

2. “So no matter what else a women does, no matter what else her achievements, their value still depends

on how they look” – Jean Kilbourne, film-maker, author, on current media portrayal of women.

Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? What examples of gender inequalities might

you use to argue for or against this statement?

3. What contradictions do you see between the real girls/women around you and the way they are

represented in the media? What about the contradictions between real boys/men and the way they are

represented in the media? How is sex and sexuality used to distort the images that we versus reality?

4. What effects do you think media representation has on people and on you? Especially young girls and

boys? What power do we have as consumers, if any? How can we change the way media portrays

women and girls and the ways in which women and girls view themselves?

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