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Creative writing is the art of making up things which might not be academic but attracts an audience. There are several types of creative writing including poetry, plays, movies and television scripts. 3 Idiots is a comedy film shot in India and directed by Rajkumar Hirani and released on December 25, 2009. The film features three engineering students, Raju Rastogi, Farhan Qureshi and Rancchoddas Chanchad who share a hostel room at the Imperial College of Engineering. They are at the college for different reasons, Rancho is at the college because he loves to learn, and Farhan has joined college to fulfill his father’s wishes, but wanted to be a wildlife photographer while Raju is at the college to improve his family’s fortune. The friends build a strong bonding which is affected by the exam ranking. Rancho is always at the top of his class while Farhan and Raju are at the bottom. Raju finds himself in trouble with the Dean as he is used to giving creative but unorthodox answers. This causes the Dean to try and separate his friendship with Raju and Farhan. He explains that while Rancho is always leading in class followed by Chatur, his two friends are always trailing behind. Drama occurs when Rancho confronts the Dean about the death of a fellow student, Joy, who commits suicide after she was denied addition time to submit her project because her father had suffered a stroke. Rancho later falls in love with the dean’s daughter, Pia, a medical student. She then helps them steal the final exam from his father’s office to assist them to pass the exam as the Dean had vowed to set a hard exam so that they may fail. They tackle their exam, and the resulting outcome is usual because Rancho leads them. Chatur offers to place a bet with Rancho as who is going to be successful ten years from then. Everyone heads home and after ten years and agree to meet in ten years to decide who wins the bet. After ten years there is a reunion amongst the three friends and Chatur is astonished as to how Rancho is successful as he has established a school. Farhan and Raju intimidate Chatur as they remind him of his excellent cramming skills in school. What I learn most from the movie is that one should not be proud but should work hard and let the success unfold itself.

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