The following steps are a suggested framework for the research project

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the Topic- Amazon

the organization -leadership and employee dissatisfaction

1. Obtain sufficient background information about the organization relevant to the case, including
but not limited to the following:
• Overview of the organization (type of industry, organization structure, etc.)
(This is the first section of your team project. It introduces the organization. This section of the
paper should be about one half page.)

2. The purpose of the team project is to include a brief description of a problem/opportunity facing
an organization with respect to organizational behavior issues. It may be an issue related to (but
not limited to) job performance, commitment, perception, emotions, satisfaction, motivation, trust,
communication, group/team dynamics, power, conflict management, and leadership. The issue must be
real and not imaginary. In writing this section, consider the following:
What is/are the organizational behavior related issue(s) in the case?
• Identify the issue(s) in a couple of sentences. This is short and concise.
• Briefly, in your own words and in a couple of sentences, why is it an issue?
(This is the second section of your team project. It sets the stage for your analysis. This section of
the paper should be one half to one page.)

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