Theater class writing assignment

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1) Watch this interview with Lynn Nottage:

“I realized that as I got older, that the stories that I heard around [my mother’s] table were not being told on the American stage, and by and large the American stage is where our mythology is woven. And I thought what happens to the mythology of African American women if we don’t have a forum for ourselves.” -Lynn Nottage

2) Write a 1 page response to the following prompt:

If the American stage is where our “mythology is woven” what other American stories do you believe need more exposure?

  • Identify and discuss TWO examples: Examples could be historical, societal, or cultural in nature and topic.
  • What do we gain in examining our history? In other words, why write about the past?
  • What are other worldly stories or issues that need more exposure on the American stage?

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