Training and development HR discussion

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You will find an article or a news story related to the topic of training and development in HR. The article or news story can come from a variety of sources, such as an online news source (e.g., Globe and Mail; The Conversation), magazine (e.g., Maclean’s), trade journal (e.g., Harvard Business Review), scholarly journal (e.g., Personnel Psychology), etc., and should be from the past 10 years (i.e., 2012-present).

Please include the following information in your original post:

  1. The title of the article*
  2. The author(s) of the article
  3. The URL**
  4. A summary of the key points of the article (maximum 300 words)
  5. How it relates to the topic of training and development***
  6. A discussion question that your group members will respond to****


** If the article is on a website that requires a subscription (e.g., Globe and Mail, Harvard Business Review), download the article from the Library and also include a PDF of it in your post.

*** Original posts in the first discussion forum should be related to topics covered in Chapters 1-6 of the textbook.

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