What kinds of female archetypes are present in our popular culture?, assignment help

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The activity specifically suggests comparing gods, ie, male divinities, and then looking for possible female counterparts.

The following are goddesses of lust, fertility and war –Both Venus and Mars.

Xochiquetzal – Aztec “precious feather flower”

Astarte – Egyptian/Semitic “she of the womb”

Freyja – Viking – “The Lady”

People invoked them when they wanted to find a lover, to have good crops and children. Freyja and Astarte also were invoked for war. All of them are known for their sexuality, even though all were married.

In the Aztec belief system, mothers were warriors and the women who died in childbirth were give the same kind of burial as male warriors killed in battle. While Xochiquetzal is not directly associated with war, as Freyja and Astarte are, she is the patron of women and childbirth, as well as luxurious craftwork and prostitutes. Her symbol is marigold flowers, and she has fortune-telling powers connected with her control of childbirth.

Freyja receives half of the slain in battle to her heavenly estate–her women are the Valkyrie. She is also a magic user, and she wears a magic necklace that makes anyone who wears it sexually attractive, much like Aphrodite’s girdle. She is married and in searching for her missing husband (as does Isis), she cries tears of gold or amber. She likes offerings of love songs and flowers. The constellation we know as Orion was known to the Vikings as Freyja’s gown and the three stars that mark it, Freyja’s girdle (in the sense of a belt).

Astarte is a war goddess, patron of the horse and chariot, who killed Baal’s enemies and waded in human blood. Offerings to her included the captured armor of slain enemies. She wore cow horns, which represented the fertility of the cow. Anopther bloodthirsty goddess was the Egyptian Sekhmet, who was stopped from a bloody massacre by a lake o f blood-covered beer.

What kinds of female archetypes are present in our popular culture? Do any of them overlap with male archetypes?

if references or quotations are used please cite them

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