Worldview, History and Religion of Intercultural Communication

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Discussion 10

We often place the topic of History on a pedestal (hence why I capitalized it) in our culture. But as the reading discusses, history is a created, manipulated ‘thing.’ Which moment in history, before your birth, would you like to know more about? Which narratives are missing from that moment in history? Why might someone want to suppress those narratives?

Discussion 11

Why do you think that the term ‘worldview’ is important to our study of intercultural communication? Do we need this concept? Does it help advance or clarify our understanding of cultures? How does this concept affect the way we communicate with others? Is there another word/concept/idea that you think would be better than ‘worldview’?

Discussion 13

Choose one of the belief systems presented in the reading that you do not personally follow and consider their stance/belief about death. Which is most appealing to you? Which differs the most from your current belief system? How does your current belief system ‘work with’ or ‘work against’ the belief system you choose to examine in this prompt?

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