Writing a Three and half or Three full pages Single Spaced Journal Critique of an article with 12 font

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– Writing a Three full pages Single Spaced Journal Critique of an article and NO PLAGIARISM.

– Here is the link for the article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC39636…

– The above link is to write the Journal Critique in order to do the assignment.

– This article is a cross-sectional study.

– Do not use first person, you can use just in the personal reaction.

– Here are the instructions down to complete the Journal Critique:


Summary of the problem, why it is necessary to study, and sentence or two about the study.

Problem statement and literature review

  1. Is the problem clearly stated?
  2. Is the problem practically important?
  3. What is the purpose of the study?
  4. What is the hypothesis?
  5. Are the key terms defined?
  6. Are the cited sources pertinent to the study?
  7. Is the review too broad or too narrow?
  8. Are the references recent?

Study Design and procedures

  • What research methodology was used?
  • Was it a replica study or an original study?
  • What measurement tools (surveys, interviews, physical exams) were used?
  • How were the study procedures structured?
  • Was a pilot study conducted?
  • What are the variables?
  • How was sampling of subjects performed?
  • Was data qualitative (interview) or quantitative (surveys or measurements)?


What were the main findings of the article?

– Did the findings support the hypothesis and purpose?

– Did not reproduce figures or tables from the article, the purpose of this paragraph is to provide a brief summary of the outcomes in order to further discuss the bias and conclusions/impact of the study.


  • Is there any evidence of bias?
  • Consider the study design and types of bias typically associated with that study design.
  • Do not state that there is no bias. That is not true, there is always bias.
  • Do not just state that the authors discuss…you should be able to read between the lines and identify potential for bias not discussed in the discussion section.

Conclusions and Implications

  • Are the conclusions of the study related to the original purpose?
  • Were the implications discussed?
  • Whom the results and conclusions will affect?
  • What recommendations were made at the conclusion?
  • Were weaknesses and problems discussed?
  • What does this mean for the field of public health?

Personal Reaction

  • How do you feel about this article?
  • What is your overall assessment of the study and the article?
  • Do the results of the study change anything in your practice?
  • What would you have changed if you were the one doing this study?

Other Works Cited

Just use 1 to 3 sources as needed at least one

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