Please Give me answer of Part E Instructions Part E The Final Research Paper will give students the ability to demonstrate application of geographical tools and theories. Students will have an oppor

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Please Give me answer of Part E

Instructions   Part E

The Final Research Paper will give students the ability to demonstrate application of geographical tools and theories. Students will have an opportunity to think critically about course materials and their own research materials, and synthesize these materials in a way that allows them to see the world in a different way. The Final Research Paper will also give students the opportunity to produce a scholarly piece of writing based on a topic of their own choosing.

1. For the Final Research Paper, build on the first four parts of the Research Project assignment to produce a well-organized, scholarly research paper.

2. In addition to the sources used for the annotated bibliography, you should gather additional data from a variety of sources (e.g., newspaper articles, census data, business reports, government documents, etc.).

3. You may want to return to your field excursion site to make and record more observations. Dates and times of these observations should be recorded clearly.

4. The Final Research Paper should be formatted like a research article in an academic journal. You are encouraged to use journal articles as guides for formatting their essays, bearing in mind there are many different ways to format journal articles.

5. The Research Papers must not simply add on the sections from the first parts of the Research Project but rather incorporate these materials to produce a well-written essay. Although components of a paper can be arranged very differently, the following elements must be included in the final submission.

o data: data must be presented in a format that is legible, meaningful, suitable for the data type, and consistent with the style of the paper;

o analysis: it is not enough to simply state results. Results must be analyzed and discussed, making connections to the theoretical framework used;

o visual representation: all papers should have at least one map of the study area as well as one or more photographs. Papers can also use tables, charts, graphs, sketches, and other forms of visual representation that contribute to data presentation and analysis.

The Final Research Paper should include the following sections clearly identified using headings. Please note that sections do not have to use these titles; they can be more imaginative and descriptive. Please also note that different sections might be combined depending on the style and flow of the report:

1. Introduction: describes the research topic; may include a map; should include a research question or problem statement, as well as an argument; should indicate briefly the theory being used; should set up the rest of the paper.

2. Methods: briefly describes the methods used to gather data; can include a map; can include references to methods literature if used, including the course textbook if used.

3. Theory: includes a discussion of the theoretical lens used and a review of the literature used for the study; links the theory to the research question.

4. Results: describes the observations made (tables, charts, and diagrams can be included as necessary).

5. Analysis and discussion: link results to the theory in a scholarly way that helps the reader to understand the phenomena being studied; may challenge existing literature and propose something new.

6. Conclusion: briefly restates what the essay did and points to what other interesting work could be done; may include limitations; elegantly concludes the paper.

Part E is based on Part A, B, C which I described further

Part A Answer

If I talked about myself, I describe myself as a shopaholic. I went for a walk on Monday, 24 January at 5pm. While walking, I came at Metrotown station, 4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, British Columbia, which is 2.9 kilometers from my home. I was overjoyed to find a large shopping Centre because buying new stuff is one of my favorite activities. It makes me happy on the inside. People can enjoy their lives, spend quality time with their families, and relieve stress because of shopping. It’s like an activity that boosts people’s energy levels when buying and window shopping.

To be honest, I couldn’t see the car parking area, but I did see the bus loops. There were around ten buses nearby, all heading in different directions, such as UBC, Stanley Park, Richmond, and so on. Because I am new to Canada, it was my first visit there. Many structures of Buildings were present. After viewing that, I was ecstatic because I had only seen structures like that in movies.

The environment there was very economic. There was a large mechanical door that opened and close, automatically. To open and close the doors, people do not need to touch them. Ivanhoe Cambridge (The Owner of Metrotown) put everything in place for people’s protection because of Covid-19. After that, I headed to the mall. I was astonished to see so many stores.

I was also perplexed as to how I would determine which mall is where located. Then I noticed a map depicting the locations of malls on the ground, middle, and upper levels, which is useful to consumers.

Brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Sports check, Urban behavior, Urban Planet, H&M, Zara, and others set up shop alongside each other to market their goods and services. Not only clothes, but also jewelry, electronic devices, cosmetics, and baby boy shops were available.

However, I noticed that there was not much of a crowd. After much deliberation, I discovered that I had gone here on Monday. Weekends are when most people go to shopping. Monday is the first day of the week, which explains why people’s schedules are so frantic. Although the mall was not very crowed, some couples, groups of girls and boys, and families were out shopping.

First, I started by going to Sports Check. On the entryway, a girl was handing out hand sanitizer to everyone as a precaution against Covid-19. I was relieved to find that it was not only for show, but it was also required. Sport check, Sports experts, Atmosphere, Pro Hockey Life (PHL), National Sports, Sports Rousseau, and Hockey experts are just a few of the brands that Sports check owned during its time at Metrotown mall. Because it was the end of the season, there was a lot of goods on sale these days. Everything was on 50% off, so that was a huge discount. I purchased one water bottle and received a second for free because they were on offer for “one gets one free”. Sports check, on the other hand, was large, but there were only around 10 people in the mall. There was a lot of peace and order in the mall, and it was well-kept. Everything was handled very efficiently by the Sports Check staff. They were all dressed in red t-shirts and were eager to assist anyone who needed assistance

I went to Urban Behavior, there were plenty of outfits to choose from at a reasonable price. My buddy told me about this mall. Both Urban Behavior and Urban Planet malls provide roughly the same style of clothing at a fair price and are less expensive than other businesses. Perhaps therefore most of the visitors are international students (girls). I also have a lot of clothes there. Many of the outfits were on sale there. I was surprised to notice that there was a promotion going on, such as buy two for $5, which is a great deal.  Because there was a big line in front of the checkout, I did not purchase anything. Then I went shopping at Michael Kors, where I bought a purse for myself. I then proceeded to Winners Homesense. That was a large enough mall, and many people were shopping there. Under one roof, there were various sections for all brands. Couples were discussing whether they should buy anything or not, as well as discussing product aspects. I noticed that there was a clearance sale on women’s purses. There was a burst of feminine energy there.

There was a separate department at Winners for cosmetics, jewellery, and home essentials such as bed sheets, blankets, and pillows, among other things.

There was a plethora of shopping malls to choose from. However, I was relieved to learn that the location of the mall is governed by land use zoning, which is determined by the city and the mall owner. The mall’s selling agreement and bylaws, on the other hand, governed the retail space. Furthermore, because there were numerous high-end stores in the mall, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Chanel, Dior, and others, it was possible to determine the socioeconomic position of the populace. People buy from these shops, so they can continue to exist. People with a lot of money have a reputation for being upper-class.

Finally, I went to the food court. I ate some Indian snack there. Then, I went to Walmart after eating some goodies there. I was there for at least 35 minutes. I notice a lot of stuff there. I learned about social classifications since I saw largely middle-aged ladies and men buying for their families’ groceries at Walmart. There was a wide range of grocery options. Along with food, there were sections for women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, footwear, home goods, and various accessories, among

other things. I noticed that predominantly young people were buying clothes and that mostly middle-aged people were buying household stuff. Because of its excellent offerings, Walmart is well worth a visit. “Save Money. Live Better,” I read there. It enables clients to purchase high-quality and diverse goods at a reasonable price, as well as the convenience of stores open 24 hours a day. Because I am new to Canada, I was unaware that Walmart offers online services. We can shop at Walmart from the  The home and we can return the things if we don’t like them. In this way, I spend at least 2.5 hours there. The entire scene appeared to be like a dream. I was overjoyed because, first and foremost, I had the opportunity to visit a large mall that was also extremely peaceful. As a result, this will be a lifelong memory for me

Part B Answer

Based on your field excursion, draw on key concepts and themes in human geography to develop a research paper topic for your Research Project. This assignment will be relatively succint (50-200 words).

Follow these steps to develop your research paper topic. Please use the space provided and do not exceed 200 words:

1. In one sentence, state the research site. Then in one or two sentences, describe the research question or topic about that site that will form the basis of the final research paper. The site should be either the same as the field excursion site or a smaller area within the field excursion.

2. In one or two sentences, state the theoretical lens (or a combination of theories) that you will use to investigate your research question (e.g., nature-society relations, economic development, public space, gentrification, political geography, globalization, retail geography, de-industrialization, neoliberal urbanization, governance and regulation, etc.)

Issue- Covid-19

Theorical lens- Public space

Part -C


Based on the topic and theoretical lens you have chosen in Unit Four, carry out a review of the literature around the topic selected and generate an annotated bibliography.

Gather and assess five scholarly research articles relevant to your topic, compiling these articles into an annotated bibliography.

Annotated bibliographies are comprised of a brief summary of the article and a discussion and assessment of how the article will contribute to the research project.

These five sources must be scholarly sources of original research, such as journal articles and books.

Although students may use relevant course readings for their research projects, the annotated bibliographies must not include course readings.

Each annotated bibliography should be approximately 150 – 200 words per entry (total 750 – 1000 words).

Annotated bibliographies must be written according to academic standards of scholarship and referencing using APA.

There are many helpful university-based websites, including the following, to help students prepare their annotated bibliographies:

OWL. (n.d.). Purdue online writing lab.

Cornell Unversity. (n.d.). How to prepare an annotated bibliography: The annotated bibliography.



1) Low, S., & Smart, A. (2020). Thoughts about public space during Covid‐19 pandemic. City & Society (Washington, DC), 32(1).

Covid-19 is highly going to transform the setup of the cities especially because of the cities around the world have been transformed. The report has contented on Boston public space and how it will be affected by Covid-19. According to the report, public places have been closed currently including bars and restaurants. People have focused more on remaining with their families which has led to loss of social structure in the current society.

This report will be important for my research as it looks into the effects of the pandemic in Boston whereby some of the factors which are currently affecting public space in the region are likely to affect Metro-town. The economy of Boston has also been affected which impacts the public space in various ways.

2) Jasiński, A. (2020). Public space or safe space–remarks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Technical Transactions, 117(1).

Covid-19 has impacted various sectors within a short period of time which generally lead to changes in human life. This also changes the current state of human interaction within the public space as people have been forced to remain isolated and at the same time to wear masks. There is a reverse of the relationship between human’s public and private space. People have deserted the public space and found entertainment in private space.

The author of the journal tries to investigate what should be expected when it comes to the future of the world especially due to increasing changes of public space. The research will be important for my topic as it analyses the future world and some of its dynamics especially know that no one has a definite answer on what the world shall unfold in future.

3) Shen, M., Peng, Z., Guo, Y., Rong, L., Li, Y., Xiao, Y & Zhang, L. (2020). Assessing the effects of metropolitan-wide quarantine on the spread of COVID-19 in public space and households. International journal of infectious diseases, 96, 503-505.

Covid-19 dynamics has led to a compartment between public space and households in China Hubei. The report indicates that remaining in quarantine homes reduces new infections by up to 70%. Because of this, people have focused more on reforming their homes instead of focusing on public areas to visit.

Chine was the first nation to be affected by the pandemic which means that this report provided more informed data regarding the pandemic and how to control it. It will be important as it emphasizes on the reduction of public space activities and an increase in household activities.

4) Stevens, N. J., Tavares, S. G., & Salmon, P. M. (2021). The adaptive capacity of public space under COVID‐19: Exploring urban design interventions through a sociotechnical systems approach. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries, 31(4), 333-348.

Covid-19 has forced various urban centers to change their planning so that to accommodate hew human interactions. Such changes should be made through incorporating both human and ergonomic factors. The research focuses on how the public spaces in cities can be adopted so that to become safer for human activities.

This research is important for my topic as it focuses on developing solution towards solving problems that are associated with increasing effects of Covid-19. It looks into how people can still be allowed to access all necessary resources and at the same time remain safe from getting infected. The proposals can be adopted in setting up the town so that to facilitate continuity of activities.

5) Ülkeryıldız, E. (2020, May). Transformation of Public and Private Spaces: Instrumentality of Restrictions on the Use of Public Space during COVID 19 Pandemic. In Proceedings of the International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism (ICCAUA-2020), Alanya, Turkey (pp. 6-8).

The research focus is on the physical environment and how it can be transformed to accommodate human activities. People around the world have expressed their reactions towards the expected changes whereby some feel that the world should not lose the touch of the traditional public spaces where people meet for recreation purposes. However, with the current state of events, it’s important to remain open for change especially due to occurrence of uncertainties.

This research is important for my topic as it focuses on how people can be assisted in settling down and adopting the new normal that has been brought about by the pandemic.

It will be key when it comes to developing some of the government policies which will keep the public safe and at the same time increase people’s interactions in the town.

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