2 Assignments Hume’s Enquiry into Human Understanding

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#First Assignment

Read Ch. 16 Meditations and Ch. 17 Hume’s Enquiry into Human Understanding
Using the Chapters on Descartes and Hume, describe the philosophical differences between rationalism and empiricism. Give some examples from the readings that characterize rationalism and empiricism. For example, when Descartes wonders if he might be “something more than just a thinking being” do you share his concern? Why? What does Hume think of the idea of the supernatural? Given that these ideas seem to continue to concern humans-why do you think they are important-or not?

#Second Assignment

Read essays/lectures in Ch. 18 Kant and Ch. 19 Thomas Kuhn Using the chapters on Kant and Kuhn answer the following questions. Why is Kant called the “great synthesizer?” What is the “categorical imperative?” Can you give an example of where it works? What about an example where it wouldn’t work? What does Kuhn mean by “normal science?” What is a “paradigm” according to Kuhn? Give a current paradigm in field of science with which you are familiar.


*Each assignment should be at least one and half pages

*Use APA style

*Avoid Plagiarism

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