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Write a paper of approximately five pages that answers one the following essay question. In answering the question utilize sources from this course, including Inhuman Traffick and other sources on the Transatlantic slave trade:

Consider an academic article found using either Foxhunt or JStor from a peer-reviewed journal about the final century of the Transatlantic Slave Trade as a point of comparison with Inhuman Traffick. Using the graphic history and the accompanying primary sources, assess the theories of an expert in the field. Use a secondary source like the one by David Eltis below and scrutinize its theses and arguments in light of the specific examples present in the book by Blaufarb and Clarke. Develop a debatable and sophisticated thesis in response to the points of tension between your sources.

David Eltis, “Was the Abolition of the U.S. and British Slave Trade Significant in the Broader Atlantic Context?” William and Mary Quarterly 66:4 (2009): 715-736

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