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Every year, a group of myself and
two friends host a “Daddy and Me” Cookout in which all fathers attend
with their kid(s). Being as though it a collective effort, we always
discuss the decisions made regarding everything surrounding the event.
This year, we had to decide if we wanted to keep the authentic feel of
the cookout (with the three of us cooking on the grill) or if we wanted
to have it catered. Ultimately, we decided to vote on it after bringing a
list of pros and cons to each other and weighing them.

Making this decision by group instead of a single individual offered
the opportunity to view different perspectives. It allowed us to also
explore different options as well. The process worked out because we all
remained open minded to each other’s pros and cons of the decision, and
decided that a vote would determine the final outcome afterwards. I
believe the process was effective and would not have done anything
differently.agree or disagree with 2-3 sentences

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