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5 multimedia sources from the photo I uploaded pick 5 of them and a book is your first source that isn’t listed but I’m telling you ok book, then 4 other sources multimedia relates to my Topic of my paper which is “Should people who draw welfare benefits Be Drug Tested?” Ok now link the sources to my Topic it should show both sides of the issue ok It should have at least 2 paragraphs for each source ok and introduction and conclusion insert posters or graphs into word document which ever sources you choose they are to be inserted into the paper thank you for working with me !Also a work citied page as well ok. Remember to select 4 sources from the photo and a book source , total 5 sources o

All u need to know is that its multimedia writing were the tipis is ” Should people on welfare Be Drug Tested?” Its sources are inserted into a word document and 2 paragraphs on each source at least and this paper shows both sides of the topic it’s not your normal essay ok ! Including work cited sources at the end of the paper

Also make sure u pick the sources on the photo I uploaded like poster, letter, listicle, Facebook media Post, instagram , Pinterest, graphs or statistics, narrative, meme or hashtag , they are on the photo I uploaded ok make sure u pick 4 of those sources and a book for source 5 ok

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