Angry Men case

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Watch 12 Angry Men. Before you do so:

  • Review the methods of influence presented in the text book and online
    lecture (Lesson 6) and look for specific examples of the influence
    techniques among the jurors. In addition, review the materials on
  • This is an individual assignment. Your assignment, due no later than Day 7, should be 500 words, single spaced. Respond to the following questions:
    1. Find examples for four (4) of the influence techniques.
    2. Several jurors attempt to influence the
      decision-making process. Using the influence material, explain why the
      architect (Juror 8) is so much more effective (more influential) than
      the others.
    3. At one point in the discussion, the foreman states,
      ‘All of this fighting (conflict) is getting us nowhere.’ Looking back
      over the entire film, what is your reaction to his statement? To what
      extent do you agree or disagree with him? Be sure to use examples to
      support your point of view.
    4. There are many lessons about communication in 12 Angry Men.
      Select a work group in which you are currently involved or have been
      involved. Name two lessons that the group “should” learn. That is, state
      the two lessons and explain how they would help the group perform more

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