Charisma, Traits and Transformational Leadership

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Charisma, Traits and Transformational Leadership

  1. Using the topics in the text, analyze what are your most developed leadership traits, motives, and characteristics. How do you know? Which traits, motives, or characteristics do you want to improve?
  2. Are you charismatic according to the description in the text? Provide a brief plan of action to incorporate suggestions in the text to develop your charisma in the workplace. How will you show charisma in your emails and other business writing?
  3. Reviewing how transformations take place, which do you think is most overlooked in your organization? In addition, which do YOU most overlook and conversely, which do you think is important? Explain.

300 words min. NO PLAGIARISM. References and citations required.

Course textbook: Dubrin, A. J. (2015). Leadership: Research findings, practice and skills. (8th ed.). Boston:

Cengage Learning.

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