Essay on the improvement of life in Assyrian Refugees, English homework help

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This is an essay that I’ve already begun about organizations working toward the preservation and improvement of life quality of the Assyrian Teens living in America. You’d be going off of what I have so far and building on it. The focus of this essay is how organizations are working towards the change I want to see in the world which is people not letting assimilation wipe away their herritage. If you want to add any statistics on refugees fleeing the Middle East and coming to America that’d work. If you’d want to talk about other organizations that help people who come to this country maintain their culture that’d work. Feel free to edit and talk about other organizations that work with other groups of people besides the Assyrians.

• at least six pages of writing (double spaced);

• integration of four or more sources into essay;

• bibliography and formal outline

Here are the two organizations I’ve talked about:

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