Paper Assignment LIS2003

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This essay will be our first piece of formal writing; as such you need to avoid using slang, contractions,
and first and second person (“I,” “we,” “you,” etc.). Additionally, a formal thesis statement and strong
topic sentences will be needed. Papers will be no less than 4.5 pages (double spaced, 12 pt. Times New
Roman font), plus a MLA Works Cited page with (at least) two entries—they should not be longer than 6
pages (plus the WC page).

Our essays will contain a formal thesis statements and well-researched evidence. We will offer structured
sections that begin with a strong topic sentence that introduces the major idea and end with an effective
transition to the next major idea.

Your document must include:

  • A strong thesis statement that establishes how and why the sources agree or disagree (on some
    aspect) regarding the American Dream.
  • A strong working definition of how each of the authors define the American Dream
  • Solid topic sentences starting each body section
  • Tight organization and structure of paper (paragraph unity)
  • Effective and appropriate integration of outside sources (signal phrases)
  • Properly formatted MLA parenthetical citations in the body of your paper (marking paraphrases,
    summaries, and direct quotations)
  • A properly formatted MLA Works Cited page (containing at least 3 sources)
  • Appropriate tone and language for your task and audience
  • Free of errors with spelling, grammar, and mechanics 2

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