Sports Fundraising

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As the athletic administrator,

write an essay on the selection process for assembling an effective fundraising department.

You will first write a brief introduction about the fundraising department for your chosen fundraising campaign/event.

Discuss the size of the team, the number of committees that will be needed, the number of volunteers that will be needed,

and the resources that will be needed for the campaign/event.

Also, athletic administrators have to follow a three-step process, which involves conducting preliminary evaluations,

reviewing resumes, and conducting interviews. Keeping this in mind, you will write 10-15 interview questions to ask in

order to select the members for the fundraising event. For each question, give a brief explanation of why you need to ask

that question.

Your introduction, interview questions, and justifications for the questions should be a minimum of two pages in length.

You may use the textbook, online sources, and/or resources from your local library

to support your essay.

When writing your essay, please consider the following:

 Your introduction should be engaging and should clearly summarize the topic.

 Your discussion should display critical thinking about the topic and use transitions correctly.

 Your ideas and points should be organized and presented logically.

 Your writing should be clear and concise with excellent use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

 You should use APA format for all of your work.

o A title page and reference page should be present.

 Opinions can be included; however, first person should not be used.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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