Take 3 surveys and give your reply to classmates post

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You will go into Learning Activity 5

Choose three students and take their survey

Then go back to their post and reply to their survey link with feedback about their topic and survey


  1. During week 5, take three or more of the surveys posted by your classmates. Keep careful notes and analyze each of the survey questions. You may take more than three.

Post your reactions to each one here by replying to the original post below. You must post at least three separate replies, one post for each survey taken. Each post must be substantive and at least 100 words.

Do not include any praise or overt statements of agreement. You should provide honest, thoughtful, and careful feedback about the survey and the topic of the survey: what works, what doesn’t, what could be done differently or more effectively.

Include suggestions for improvement and suggestions for questions and other ways to accomplish the goals of the survey, for example, how to measure the relevant psychology concepts that the survey is trying to measure, does the survey measure this concept, how could it be best measured, how to ask more effective questions, etc.

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