Write 4 paragraphs of the situation provided below, 4 sentences each paragraph.

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Please write a journal entry using the situation below. Include your reaction, analysis, and evaluation. You should demonstrate that you have a command of the course material thus far to include: chapters 1 – 12, our TedTalk, and our discussion forums. Your journal format should be single spaced within the internal link provided for our course, in 12 point font, and while there is no length requirement, at a minimum you should address 4 a paragraph each. A paragraph is at least 4 sentences long.


1) The Situation: Using the material regarding worldview in our text, Chapters 1 – 12, discuss your own worldview. Discuss how your worldview developed, its major influences, provide personal details referencing our text. Be sure you refer to our text. You may also find the definition of Worldview located in the Glossary of our text, pg.479, helpful in organizing your thoughts.

2) Your Reaction: What influenced your decision / selection in determining your worldview?

3) Analysis: Analyze your reaction to the situation; your analysis of your worldview and its formation. Use references from our text material in explaining your decision making process.

4) Evaluation: What can you learn from your analysis (implications)? How does this evaluation influence your decision making and critical thinking process? How does your worldview influence your thinking? How does your worldview impact your behavior?

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