Develop a Plan for Funding your small business

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Develop a plan to fund your own new small business. It is funded already by a $5000.00 USDA micro loan please Include that $$ and the following:

  • description of the proposed business, including your reasoning for starting the business (Outline of company description is Attached below in Word Doc)
  • pertinent business plan information for large capital asset requirements There are no large asset requirements. (list of equipment need is attached below in word doc)
  • a determination of how much capital the company will need, and time frame (capital to start is only what we need for seed, tools, land lease, and water (list of items needed and total cost will be attached in word doc below)
  • government aid that may be available (we have received an USDA Micro loan for $5000.00 for operational expenses)
  • an evaluation of legal issues such as the types of ownership, liabilities, and compliance with laws (we are established as an LLC which is recommended by SBA (small business association) for start up farms and vegetable sellers)

Included below in files is a feasibility study for this business, a list of items and costs, An outline of the company description and a copy of letter head associated with this company.,, and are sources of all info for equipment and supplies needed.

Present your information in at least an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation with notes plus title and reference slides plus title page, abstract, and reference page. Whichever method you choose, cite at least 4 outside resources (.org and .com sites are not to be used, but books, journal articles, .edu and .gov sites should be considered as possible avenues for resource materials.

Be sure that you have all of the necessary components as set forth in the Portfolio Project rubric. Spend time to assure that the formatting complies with the APA, and thoroughly proofread and grammar-check your final product. This, and all other course Portfolio Projects, will become an important part of your individual Program Portfolio.

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