Effectively Communicating with Email and Listening

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There two discussions here – Please provide responses separately

1. Effectively Communicating with Email


  • •Search your “Sent” email folder – look for examples of when you did a less than optimal job of communicating through email.

•Based on the 5 sources you found in the Netiquette activity, what are your top 3 challenges when it comes to email communication?

•In your initial post, describe your top 3 challenges, giving examples of how you will improve your email communication.

•Please include the 5 sources as references for your initial post.


•References for your initial post should include the five researched sources;



•Reflect on the Listening video.

•Initial post ◦Explain your agreement or disagreement with the statement: “We are losing our listening.”

◦Are these listening exercises valuable to you as a nurse or nurse administrator? Describe a situation in which conscious listening is imperative in your role as a nurse administrator.


•Initial post should include two references;

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