Final Research Paper and presentation

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1. Final Research Paper: Compare at least two works of art in a 8-page argumentative research paper. You may research a particular topic related to topics discussed in class, or come up with a topic of your own. Your paper must include a bibliography(with at least 2 Primary and 2 Secondary sources listed on a separate sheet), a cover page with title,and copies of any imageson a separate page. Papers must be submitted in a standard academic, 12-point font (Times, Times New Roman are standard academic fonts), double-spaced, with standard margins.Use Chicago style citations.State the thesis clearly in the Introduction.Following is a list of possible paper topics:•Michelangelo’s David: From Religious Statue toPolitical Propaganda•Raphael’s Galateaandthe Renaissance Idea of Beauty•Botticelli and Neoplatonism•Leonardo’s Horse in Michigan; Leonardo’s Horse and Sforza patronage•Artists and Patrons in the Renaissance (Medici, Chigi, Sforza, Julius II)•The Last Supperin the Renaissance•Painting, Poetry, and the Renaissance•Raphael’s Critique of the Arch of Constantine: Foundations of Decline Theory•Leonardo’s Drawings•Prints/Drawings in the Renaissance•Vasari as a Primary source for Leonardo studies: Fact or Fiction?NB:*Titles of works of art are written in italicsto distinguish them as such in a text,

2e.g., Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David* Avoid using the terms ‘seems’ and ‘appears’ –it either is or it is not in description.* Academic writing requires the use of third person singular(he, she, it, the painting)-Avoid the use of first person (I) and second (you) person.*Stay in formal academic prose throughout.*Do not use colloquial (vernacular) language and avoid shifting from 1st to 3rd person.*Indent the first line of each paragraph (5) spaces to denote a new paragraph. *Do not skip extra lines between paragraphs.An “A” paper will be well-organized, free of grammatical errors, and will include concise analyses of composition in works of art.It will display knowledge of other authors’ thoughts and most importantly, argue a particular thesis.Organize your ideas before you write, use proper grammar and syntax, and make sure that you spell everything correctly. Check your punctuation and have someone proofread your paper before submission. Excessive grammatical and/or typographical errors will affect your grade negatively.

2.*Give me an outline and bibliography before you present you will be graded on Overall organization/Clarity, Topic, Preparation, Audience, and Images. See the rubric on Canvas.After research, most find that they have much more information than a 12-minute presentation will allow. Avoid reading pages of information in front of an audience. Synthesize the information and organize your thoughts. Outline the main points of your presentation so that you can communicate these ideas to the people in front of you.It is very important in presenting that your own voice is heard, so that we understand what YOU think about your chosen topic. Provide supporting Primary and Secondary sources. In presenting the work of others, situate your own voice within a larger academic discourse. Tell your audience what others have said about your topic, tell us whether you agree or disagree, and most importantly, tell us why.

The outline and bibliography, ppt,and a detailed text speech manuscript(at least 2-3 pages) should be finished in one day before Friday!

The Final Research Paper could be finished in 5 days.

The topic I prefer Leonardo’s Drawings or what you like from the list.

Thank you

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