Historical Analysis Assignments

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Historical Analysis Assignments

To understand people in the context of their times and to think critically about what people have written/said:
Why did people think as they did? How do we understand that past society?

Analysis Assignment

Write and type up a two-to-four paragraph analytical essay in which you consider the similarities and
differences between the industrializing North and the expansion of cotton plantations in the South. Be sure to
have a thesis and put it in your first paragraph. Use support from course readings to support your argument.

Use must use and provide information (quotation) from at least two of the following documents:

  •  Old Apprentice; and
  •  The Cotton South
    AND for background make use of course lecture and:

 American Yawp, Chapters 8 and 11 (assigned sections).http://www.americanyawp.com/index.html

Think about the following questions, which may help you identify a thesis:

  •  To what extent were the North and South united in terms of outlook, labor relations.
  •  What did Harriet Martineau and the old Apprentice think about some of the changes that were
    occurring in the South and the North? What did their tone or examples suggest about their views?
  •  What did people in each region think about the changes; how did they react?
  •  Why did the North industrialize and the South focus on plantation expansion? How did these changes
    affect the workers in each? How did they impact the employer/masters?
    Your essay MUST include:

    1. 1) A thesis statement (this is the main point you want to make such as the 1927 handout which asserted that
      “America is the child of Europe.”) Your thesis should be in the first paragraph.
    2. 2) An argument/interpretation (tell me what the readings demonstrate about the society/how we should
      understand the documents and this society using proof or evidence from the documents/textbook.) See
      above questions for ideas.
    3. 3) Should include a timeframe, which should be in the first paragraph and preferably a part of the thesis; and
    4. 4) At least one partial quote from the primary source document(s) that support your point(s) (e.g., Queen
      Juana believed that the Indians of Hispaniola were inferior to Spaniards due to her description of the Indians
      them as having “evil inclinations” and being predisposed to their “customary idleness and vice.” Otherwise
      you may paraphrase your support from the textbook/documents.

    Other General Requirements

  • – Use the secondary sources for background information. Put information from these sources in your

avoid quoting from them. Quote from primary sources.

– Only use materials I have attached (no outside sources).

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