Media and the human trafficking

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2 page paper in APA format

About how media has influence on human trafficking how has it portray human trafficking.

Media has been an issue now so explain how much it has changed, state important facts use atleast one article to relate quote and explain it. Talk about the media framing and impacts of human trafficking go further in state the issue/argument. Point is make this paper reasonable and interesting in 2 complete pages. Also How celebrities react in the media and how the case of Cyntoia brown have gone viral after 10 yrs and how injustice has it been for her. •

Kim kardashian and other celebrities reacted to this case

This paper is all about the media and human trafficking make the best out of it. I attached links of articles that you must relate on this paper please.

On the side note Can you also add atleast 2 questions to ask the class about this topic.

& 3 slides in a PowerPoint based on the links.

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