Post a 200 word reply to one of your six group members. Make sure to link their summary to a previous reading, and think back to Units Three, Four or Five, that we have covered since the midterm.

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help me to reply this classmates discussion:

classmates: discussion Saul Alinsky learned from his mother in his youth that it’s a basic responsibility of every individual to be responsible for others. One cannot turn a blind eye from something that isn’t right, and this is where Alinksy’s ethics were based. In adulthood, he came to understand the inevitability of controversy. While organizing for change, controversy was imminent because there will always be those demanding the change fighting against those that resist it. IAnd from here, in this organization for change, in the understanding that controversy was unavoidable, there was power. Power to act and power to react.

The example given in this clip tells the story of Chicago’s mayor, Daley, who made a decision that led to every citizen having to re-register to vote. Alinsky was able to facilitate the organization of thousands of Black citizens onto rented buses to get to City Hall. If accessibility wasn’t already an issue for Black citizens, the city then did everything in its power to prevent this mass of people from making it to City Hall, canceling every bus contract Alinsky’s organization could obtain. The power in mass organization prevailed though, and in getting these thousands of Black citizens out to City Hall to re-register to vote, as was their duty, Alinsky was able to confront the corruption of the City of Chicago and its mayor by relying on the ethic of responsibility he had learned from his mother years prior.

below is the documentary that my classamates assigned to watched and his discussion is follow this documentary to wrote. also I will uploaded some my previous reading to let you know more and write a good reply

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