Report about Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs).

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Write in 10 or 9 pages report about Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs).

Based on the following points:

  • 1-Introduction
  • Start in general then narrow your idea for example:
  • There are so many racial minority groups in America…………. Then talk specifically about Hispanic as a group… ………then talk about Minority serving institutions………. then The Hispanic American Demographic………… after that talk about Hispanic-serving institutions or HSIs and give some examples ………. at the end of the introduction present Purpose of the report or thesis .……….
  • 2- History & Development of HIS
  • 3-General Characteristics of HSIs as a group
  • 4-Characteristics of student body
  • 5-Mission of the Hispanic Institution : talking about mission and explain why mission not include HIS? For two reasons 1, because it is considered a new concept started 1986…….. 2, there is a stigma in the community ……….
  • 6-Why Hispanic serving institutions differ than mainstream institutions?
  • More explanations (difference between Hispanic serving institutions and mainstream instituons )
  • 7-Explain difference between enrolling and serving….. The problem in Hispanic institutions is that they enroll students and except them but do not serve them…….
  • 8-Special programs and services explain how these programs affective
  • 9-Population Served
  • 10-Politics/ public policy
  • 11-Accreditation Process
  • 12-Funding: State and Federal More explanations( under funding, limited recourses, why Hispanic students do not benefit from their recourses as white students… )
  • 13- Specific Issues Faced by HSI’s:
  • 14-Effectiveness in promoting student achievement more explanation
  • Campus culture as it relates to diversity and tolerance
  • Social Justice or Injustice
  • Impact of Educational Community
  • Recommendations give your thought and perspective what do you recommend for public policy, how we can learn people to touch on this stigma………..
  • Conclusion


You can Use my power point as outline

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