Research and develop a Focus Paper that is designed as a Legal Analysis on a Focused Topic Area

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  • A3: Research and develop a Focus Paper that is designed as a Legal Analysis on a Focused Topic Area:
  • Legal Analysis Analyze a specific law, case, or cases that are relevant to the criminal justice administration process. You may use cases cited in the textbook and/or develop your own research and examples for your papers.
  • Social justice administration must also consider the legal and ethical standards that criminal justice decision makers and policy makers pursue and enact. While we can argue that social justice and ethical embodiment are the foremost considerations in our system of criminal justice, these often-nebulous concepts must subordinate themselves to the fact that the codified legal considerations are the primary decision makers in this specific system. And while social justice and ethics are not deciders in the legal realm, they are influential and often drivers of the ancillary and corollary decision making processes. With these considerations in mind,

Select one of the two following options to develop the paper that analyzes the legal aspects of a case as impacted by the ethical and social justice implications:

a) Topic 1: Being unethical is not always illegal and even the combination of both may not ultimately rise to the level of the definition of a social injustice – Develop an analysis and recommendations for bridging the gap between these concepts in the criminal justice system.

b) Topic 2: Select a legal case to review that involves all three concepts: Unethical behavior, illegal conduct, and a social injustice to critically review and analyze a specific legal case of the student’s choosing (e.g. Bernard Madoff Fraud and Embezzlement Scandal).

Focus Papers should be three (3) pages long in addition to a Title Page and Reference page. They must also include at least five (5) or more References/sources.

Reference Link

The Participant may use the mainstream media and other legal websites ( to conduct their research.


Peak, Kenneth J. (2016) Justice Administration (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education – Prentice Hall

Textbook Web link:

Please read carefully the attachment and follow all those instructions I put there. Find some academic references that base on those contexts above.

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