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Which of the following is essential when you take notes on a secondary source in preparation for writing a research paper on literature?

record source information for in-text citations and the Works Cited page

all of these are true

write neatly and use complete sentences

jot down ideas for titles

2.If a source contains information that you want to use as support in your paper, but that source uses the information to support the opposite perspective as your paper, what should you do?

You should explain how the source uses the information and how your interpretation differs.

You should use only the parts of the source that support your argument.

You should find a different source, as this source is unusable.

You should present the information as if the source agreed with your argument.

3.Which of the following is considered a secondary source when writing about literature?

an interview given by the author

an article from a scholarly journal

letters written by the author

the literary text itself

4.Which of the following would be a poor topic for a research assignment on a literary text?

It should be a topic that interests you.

It should be a topic that is very broad so you have a lot to write about.

It should be a topic on a question that you have a reasonable chance of answering.

It should be a topic that meets the aims of the course.

5.Literary criticism is most frequently found in ____________.





6.What is the goal of writing a research paper about literature?

to incorporate materials about the author’s private life

to support your analysis of a literary text with the work of professional literary critics

to prove that you can research and cite sources

to summarize the work of professional literary critics

7.n addition to a works cited page, what is the other part of an MLA citation?


parenthetical citations



8.Which of the following is the least effective search strategy for a literary research paper?

a keyword search on the website of a respected peer-reviewed journal in your topic’s field of study

a keyword search in the college library catalog

a keyword search on an academic database

a keyword search on the Internet

9.When writing a literary research paper, a writer weaves information from several secondary sources into her own interpretation of the literary text. What is she doing?



note taking


10.To check if your library has books or other hard copy sources on your topic, you should ___________.

consult your instructor.

ask friends if they know if the library carries the source.

walk around the library looking for the source.

check the library’s online catalogue.

11.Choose the term that best completes the following sentence:

A _______________ critic assumes that each person brings his or her own experiences and point of view to bear while reading;

meaning is linked with the process of individual interaction with a


new historicist




12.Which of the following definitions best describes biographical criticism?

Biographical criticism examines connections between the author’s life and views and the themes, characters, and tone of a work; information about the former is used to better illuminate the latter.

Biographical criticism draws sharp parallels between events in the author’s life and events as told in a story, play, or poem.

Biographical criticism summarizes and analyzes an author’s life without drawing on specific examples from any of his or her works.

Biographical criticism examines connections between the author’s life and views and the themes, characters, and tone of a work; information about the latter is used to hypothesize about the former.

13.Which critical approach does this thesis statement suggest?

Kate Chopin’s open double quoteStory

of an

Hourclose double quote

is an emotionally complex story for a newly engaged person to read; Mrs. Mallard’s progression of thoughts in the hour leading up to her death made me think carefully about what I would want from marriage and realize how many people become terribly trapped by circumstance; Chopin’s story strongly encourages such reflection.



gender studies


14.Deconstructionists could be described as particularly ____________ readers.




enthusiastic and open-minded

15.Choose the approach that best completes this sentence:

______________ criticism regards a work of literature as complete within itself, focusing on how its features (such as tone, plot, imagery, etc.) work together to form a unified meaning.





16.Which of the following critical approaches does this thesis statement suggest? Choose the best answer.

Yusef Komunyakaa‘s

open double quoteFacing

Itclose double quote

features a speaker who, like the author, is an African American veteran of the Vietnam war; while it would be problematic to equate the speaker with


examining the poet’s experiences both in and after combat can be illuminating when examining this work.

new historicist criticism

historicist criticism

biographical criticism

gender studies

17.Which critical approach does this thesis statement engage with?

Hemingway’s use of the third-person objective provides a cool distance from the characters’ thoughts and feelings; together with his spare prose style, this remove serves to reveal in sharp relief the central, unspoken topic of open double quoteHills

Like White

Elephantsclose double quote:




new historicist criticism

feminist criticism

formalist criticism

18.Choose the word that best completes this statement:

___________ criticism is often considered under the umbrella of post-structuralism.



New historicist


19.Critics taking which approach may be less interested in the text itself than in linguistic theories of communication and interpretation?


close reading

cultural studies


20.Which of the following approaches focuses on identifying gaps within a work’s signifying system, concentrating on ambiguities like the relationship between author and narrator?

new historicist criticism



structuralist criticism

formalist criticism

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