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The current transition and appointments

Majority of the Americans are unhappy with the way President-elect Donald Trump is handling the transition. Many Americans feel that Donald Trump has rushed on appointing his cabinet picks and other relevant government appointments. Within the short period, Donald Trump has announced more than half of his cabinets which has raised questions from many Americans. This comes days after Donald Trump appointed Doctor Ben Carson who ran against him for the Republican presidential nomination. Ben Carson will act as the secretary of Housing Urban Development. These appointments have not gone well with the majority of the Americans has they feel that the president-elect has out stepped his mandate (McMahon, 2016).

Others feel that some of the people who are being appointed do not understand some of the issues well. One of them being the American-Mexican border on which Andy Puzder who is one of the appointed people at one time stating that the border does not pose any threat the country. Puzder views that the border is just a place of the people of the different countries to play volleyball. Many people feel that Puzder will give more concern on the management over the labor as he has been an opponent of increasing the low wages for the employees. Puzder is also against increasing the overtime for the American workers has it will make the employers spend more on wages. Despite all that Trump feels that Puzder’s tactics and experience in management will create more jobs for the American citizens. This has raised questions about the credibility of the appointments the president-elect is making day in day out (Hira, 2016).

The recent poll conducted stated that many of the Americans do not feel that this transition is being conducted in the right manner. The poll shows that only 40% of the people approve the appointments which are the lowest rating amongst the previous four president-elect. During the transition of president Barrack Obama, the approval rating was 71%. 41% of the interviewed people said that they approve the work Trump has done trying to explain his policies. This is also the lowest score for the last four incoming presidents with George bush scoring the second lowest approval with 50%. 35% of the Americans feel that Trump is going to be a good president for the country (Monagan, & Swinney, 2016).

The president-elect might be rushing to achieve his 100 days changes which he anticipates to make but the people feel that some people do not possess the necessary experience to execute these tough tasks. Donald has continued to support his appointments despite a lot of criticism from the democrats, workers union and the green activists. These groups feel that Donald has shifted to the right especially for the nomination of the labor and environment nominee. The appointed individuals do not have the required knowledge and experience to lead these crucial departments in the country. Their leadership will not bring the much-needed change the Americans expect from the Trump’s administration. Many people feel that the president-elect should take time and find people who have the necessary knowledge and information to guide these departments with the right dignity for the purpose of developing the country (McCauley, 2016).

These appointments have made more citizens to be concerned on how the government will be run to ensure that the goals and objectives set during the campaigning period are achieved. Many feel that the many of those appointed will not be effective for service delivery under the Donald Trump’s regime (Barna, 2016).

With this perception in mind, it will take time for the regime to restore confidence too much of the citizens and promise them of better systems and policies. Failure to which, the government will experience minimum support and more opposition by different groups who feel that the government is not being run in the right manner. With this opposition, the running of these departments will be affected due to a lot of criticism. The government cannot work effectively without the support of the public thus it will be difficult for the achievement of the set goals (Monagan & Swinney, 2016).

To end this, the appointed individuals need to learn and understand what and how they should run these departments. Through these learning, they will enhance their efficiency on service delivery. For sure, the transition process will not be easy for Donald Trump and he will be faced with a lot of challenge to run the country. A lot of experience will be required to ensure that there is no negativity in running the government.

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