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Questions on US ImmigrationReadings

Pleaseanswer the followingquestions in essayform. Be asdirect and assuccinctaspossible.

1. About 11 millionunauthorizedimmigrants live and work in the UnitedStatestoday. Some saytheyshould be deported, whileotherssupport a path to legalresidency. Whatwoulddeportation of 11 millionpeople involve? Whatwould be required to receiveamnesty?

2. The current system’s quotas and preferences mean there is no way some people can ever enter the country. Guest-worker visas mean some will labor here with no representation, few legal protections and no chance to earn citizenship. How do we make rules that are fair, generous and in keeping with our values?

3. From border security to deportation and fines, we must decide how to enforce the law with employers and employees who are undocumented. What’s realistic, and what reflects our goals and values?

4. Take one of themyths about immigration from the reading on Immigration myths and either agree or disagree with it.

5. The US Chamber of Commerce published the Article on Immigration Myths and Facts. What do you believe motivated them to publish this? Why have they taken this position? Has the US Chamber of Commerce traditionally been supportive of immigrant and guest workers rights? Can you cite examples from the recent past?

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