Nur280 – Managing Your Career for a newly graduated RN with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN)

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Essay Managing Your Career 3 Pages, Intro, body and conclusion at least 3 references APA format

include critical elements of an interview

include information on professional development activities and continue education to complete the Bachelors in Nursing which I will begin soon after graduation.

Below are some thoughts on the direction I plan to go to help you in writing the essay. I know it is all over the place…)

As a Registered nurse I plan to continue my education to a bachelor’s degree.I endeavor to work in different areas within the hospital environment.I would like to start in the Emergency Room, where I can learn firsthand about the different syndromes, trauma, shock, death etc.After a year or so I would move to ICU and so on throughout the different departments. This rotation would allow me to determine which specialization I would prefer to focus on and where would the patients benefit more from my services.

Eventually, my ultimate goal is to work in Hospice where I can help clients in their end days.

Working in the different department will allow me to put to use all the information which I have learned while at Antigua.I would prefer night shift where it may be a slower pace and will allow me to continue to As a and the skills which I had gained throughout my work experience.I was always a dedicated, passionate employee who was reliable ethical and quickly rose to the top becoming an leader. As time when by although happy in my current career my empty nest led me to my true passion which was in the health field management.

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