​Three forum posts two topics 500 words each with works cited

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Three forum posts two topics 500 words each with works cited

International Relations and Anthropology

Post 1 Internations Relations

Questions are often raised about the effectiveness of the United Nations in conflict resolution and peace operations. To what extent has the UN been successful in mitigating or preventing conflict? Under what conditions are peace operations likely to be successful?

Post 2 Anthropology

How may anthropology be applied to address some problems of the modern world. Give some general ideas and a specific example.

Post 3 Anthropology

  • Share an experience you’ve personally had with ethnocentrism, or alternatively, share a piece of news about an ethnocentric experience or event.
  • Analyze and Reflect the experience by pulling in course concepts. What do you think made the person, or people, in this situation behave in an ethnocentric way? How would you respond to this sort of situation, or help educate others in how to avoid or respond to ethnocentrism when they see it happening? Be specific.

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