Week 5 Assignment: Develop a Literature Review from a synthesis of sources , philosophy homework help

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DO NOT USE SUBTITLES, PLEASE PUT IN YOUR OWN WORDS AND ANY DIRECT QOUTES PLEASE CITE THE AUTHOR. DO NOT DOUBLE SPACE REFERENCES. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE A COVER SHEET.TOPIC: “Challenges African American Males face in Higher Education. The heading should be as follows: “BynumPEDU-8207-8-5 For this task, you will again use your Annotated Bibliography entries
as well as additional scholarly research related to your chosen topic
area to develop a brief literature review. Begin with an introduction
clearly introducing the proposed topic, followed by a more detailed
description of the topic to be researched, and then leading to a brief
description of the format of the upcoming literature review. The body of
the literature review should provide an objective discussion presenting
a synthesis of the previous related research findings. Paragraphs
should clearly indicate related concepts or themes synthesized from the
research review, any identified contradictory concepts, and underlying
related theoretical framework(s) supported by APA formatted in-text
peer-reviewed reference citations published within the past five years.
The majority of reference citations should be in parenthetical form at
the end of sentences to emphasize an explanation of content rather than
what each reference stated. Use subheadings to clearly and logically
present the synthesis of the related research findings. Remember, a
synthesized literature review is not a study-by-study report. Eventually
the importance of as well as a gap or gaps in the existing knowledge
base need to be clearly indicated from the synthesis of the related
research findings to support the need to research the proposed topic.
Provide a summary paragraph briefly summarizing the synthesis of the
related research findings clearly developing support for the need to
research the proposed topic.

Length: 8-10 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Minimum of 15 scholarly resources

Your brief literature review should demonstrate thoughtful
consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by
providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic.
Your brief literature review should reflect scholarly writing and
current APA standards. Review APA Form and Style.

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