What is the significance of Pan Africanism on African diaspora?, history homework help

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With specific evidence such as events, time periods, terms and names of people, describe in at least 3 paragraphs the significance of Black nationalism, Pan Africanism, Anti colonialism, Civil rights, Black Liberation and Black power on modern African Diaspora.

Provided below are Key focus questions to guide your thought process

1. What are the mainsprings of Black Nationalism? Where and when did it emerge? Which group within the African Diaspora were its leading advocates? What assumptions did they make? What were their goals? What events shaped their outlook?

2. What is Pan-Africanism? What factors present at the end of the nineteenth century account for its rise? What is the difference between Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism?

3. What were the main differences within the black intelligentsia regarding racial equality, full emancipation and citizenship? What were the different strategies for achieving freedom? What were the principal arguments in these ongoing debates?

4. Who benefitted most from freedom, equality and independence? Who lost out? Where do women fit in the history of Black Nationalism?

5. What was the significance of African independence for blacks in North America? What was the impact of African and anti-colonial freedom struggles on the Civil Rights movement in the United States?

6. How did the African Diaspora in North America and the Caribbean shape independence movements in Africa?

Attached is a copy of study guide with terminologies, names and events. Please be sure to include the highlighted terms in the document on the paper.

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