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Length: 2,000 words


ESSAY QUESTION: ‘Corporate social responsibility strengthens corporate reputation and performance’. Discuss this statement using relevant management theory, research and concepts.

Please see Marking criteria for a detailed explanation of the allocation of marks in this assessment.

Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Details will be provided by your subject lecturer.


This assessment will assist you learn to:

  • research and compare various sources of information about management (LO1)
  • compare and contrast the work of influential management thinkers and researchers (LO2)
  • express opinions on management issues with clarity from an objective position backed up with sound evidence and analysis (part LO4)
  • present academic writing
  • apply APA citation and referencing skills

Marking criteria


1. Introduction foreshadows research and line of reasoning, using various sources of information about management. (2)
[meets subject LO1]

Indicates outstanding standard of research and analysis, and includes all components of introduction i.e. essay purpose, plan, and line of reasoning.

2. Body indicates research using various sources of information about management and a critical examination of the work by relevant management thinkers and researchers

(20) [meets subject LO2]

Provides an outstanding overview and analysis of relevant theories. Theories integrated exceptionally well into argument.

3. Conclusion is drawn from earlier evidence and analysis. (2)

[meets subject LO4]

Several convincing connections to main arguments in essay.

4. Peer reviewed journal articles used to good effect in essay. (2)

4+ highly relevant peer reviewed journal articles used to outstanding effect in essay.

5. APA citation techniques used to good effect in essay. (1)

Outstanding use and application of APA citation techniques.

6. APA referencing style rules correct.(1)

Outstanding application of APA referencing style rules.

7. Level of comprehension provided to reader. (1)

Outstanding expression and presentation. Fluent grammar and accurate spelling. Very considerate to the reader.

8. Requisite essay presentation guidelines. (format, spacing, paragraphs, alignment) (1)

Meets all essay presentation guidelines.

* Penalties for: 10% over word limit/failure to cite sources /referencing errors / omissions/ plagiarism (see Handbook – this carries a large penalty and is to be reported if Plagiarism)


The following points are an important guide for presenting assessment items:

  • Include a cover page for the assignment including a title, your name and student ID
  • Assessment items should be typed
  • Use 1.5 spacing
  • Use a standard 12 point font such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial
  • Left-justify body text
  • Always keep a copy of your assessments
  • Most importantly, always use your spelling and grammar checker. Remember this does not pick up all errors, so you must also manually and carefully edit your work
  • You can use headings in your essays in this subject. Use a meaningful hierarchy of headings. Do not simply call them Introduction, Body and Conclusion.
  • Always cite and reference all sources of information used in assessments (see plagiarism below)
  • Do not include personal experience or comments
  • Provide a single reference list that always starts on a new page
  • Indicate the number of words (do not include what is inside citation brackets or in reference list)

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