How are computers used today in cryptanalysis

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How are computers used today in cryptanalysis

Essay #1

Use a better title, more indicative of the topic of your paper. How are computers used today in cryptanalysis, in breaking codes? The essay should be 4 pages, and the format is given in the class syllabus.

Number of references: at least five.

All papers should be in MLA format, hard copy, single sided, with all pages stapled together (no paper clips). Each essay should contain:

1. A separate title page.

2. Body of the text (the number of pages given in the assignment)

which should be double spaced, 12 point type, 1″ margins.

3. Works Cited page, listing all works cited.

The title page should contain

1. The title (something more creative than “Essay #1”).

The length of the body of the paper may vary, and will be given with the assignment, and will refer to the number of pages in the body of the text.

Information used in the paper should be documented, and references should be given inline (i.e. no footnotes) with items referred to listed on the Works Cited page at the end of the paper. A summary of the MLA format can be found at

Any movies or videos shown in class may be used as references (in proper MLA format), but may not be included in the count of references required by the assignment. Wikipedia references may not be used.

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