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FINAL TEST Fall 2016INSTRUCTIONS:You must answer all cases. You may choose which of the two questions in a given case that

you wish to answer.Provide a minimum of two in-depth paragraphs per question. Each must contain yourreasoning and direct reference to evidence as well as your conclusion(s). Evidence must comefrom the textbook sections covered by the Learning Objectives (LO) listed for the case. It mayalso contain references to materials in the case itself.This is an open book test. You may work on these answers as long as you wish before thedeadline.You may not consult with anyone else about the case or questions. This includes thoseoutside this class. Remember the MU Integrity Code. I take it seriously.To avoid losing points, include the title of the case (e.g. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR) and theexact wording of the question you are answering. Do not give me just the number of thequestion, nor paraphrase the question.Submit it to the link in Modules before the deadline. Leave time for technology glitches.The deadline is an absolute one. If you miss the deadline with a justifiable excuse you willhave to take an Incomplete in the course. If you miss without a justifiable excuse you willreceive zero points for this exam.

LO1.3 Show the value to OB of systematic studyLO 1.6 Identify managers’ challenges and opportunities in applying OB concepts.

Hank has been a section head for the accounting group in XYZ Company for 14 years. His boss feelsHank is ready for a promotion to corporate finance. She required him to take an in-house course in OBbefore the promotion. He felt after 14 years of managing people this course was unnecessary. He wasupset when his professor discounted the value of experience in managing people. His professor said:“Most managers know their functional specialty but do a lousy job of managing their people. They thinkthey’re experts. To effectively manage people, we also have to somehow be able to better predict andcontrol organizational behavior. In addition, we have to be able to better predict and controlorganizational behavior. There are new models and research that we hope will help a manager betterunderstand, predict and manage OB.”He can’t see how some conceptual theories dreamed up by some academicians and some esotericresearch can help him manage people better.

1. What role does experience play in managing people according to your understanding and thetextbook information?2. Using the conceptual framework of your text, how would you explain to Hank that knowledge of OBcould help him better manage people in his organization?

LO 16.1Describe the common characteristics of organizational culture

LO 16.5 Describe the similarities and differences in creating an ethical culture, a positive culture, and aspiritual culture

The XYZ Corporation started in 1962 as a small consumer products company. During the first 20 years aseries of new products was developed that were very successful in the marketplace. During aninterview with a national magazine, the firm’s founder said “We don’t sell our products. They sellthemselves.” This comment was referring to the fact that only 24 salespeople were able to generate anannual revenue in excess of $62 million dollars. The products were made in 2 production shifts in theoriginal plant that was expanded 3 times in the first 20 years.Three years ago the firm suffered its first financial setback with an operating loss. The loss has growneach successive hear and is estimated that the firm would lose $10 million this year. Their largestcreditor insisted that the founder step aside. The board of directors names Mary H, the head of themarketing division of another large consumer products firm to be CEO of XYZ Corp.May analyzed the situation and makes a number of changes to turn the company around.More attention would be given to the marketing side of XYZ.Product quality would be improved. Currently 2% of XYZ’s products are defective when the

industry average is .5%.The production staff would be reduced by 1/3 and the administrative staff by 1/2.Her motto was “Quality is our first job. Selling is the key.”

1. According to textbook concepts why might it be difficult for Mary to change the existing culture?2. What specific steps does Mary need to take to change the culture? Identify and describe at least twothat are mentioned in your textbook. Make sure you show how they apply to this case.

LO 13.2 Explain the three bases of formal power and the two bases of personal powerLO 13.3 Explain the role of dependence in power relationshipsLO 13.4 Identify power or influence tactics and their contingenciesLO 13.7 Identify the causes, consequences, and ethics of political behavior

Roger was a man on the move. He had just joined the company after getting his MBA. Everyone in thecompany felt that someday he would be president. His boss, Harry (VP of Marketing), also sensed thatRoger was ambitious. Harry had been with the company for 20 years working his way up from anunpaid intern. Roger was the top rated salesperson and rumor had it that he would take Harry’s jobwhen the latter retired in two years. There was, however, a slot open in international sales. Roger hadnever been abroad but thought that might be a fast track job to the executive suite. Harry advised himto stay at home and apprentice under Harry to prepare for the VP of Marketing job. Roger ignored hisadvice and went to the President of the company with a pitch on why he should head up a new office ofInternational marketing for the company. When the President asked Harry’s opinion of Roger he saidRoger was undecided about his career path. The selection committee for the Int’l Marketing positionpassed over Roger because of what they had heard. They wanted a knowledgeable applicant whowould be committed to making their first international foray a success.

1. Do you think Roger played company politics well even though he didn’t he get the international salesjob? Why or why not? Use your textbook for support of your analysis.

2. At this point, what would you do if you were Roger? What political strategies would you use? Again,use knowledge gained from the textbook.

LO 9.2 Describe the punctuated equilibrium model of group developmentLO 9.3 Show how role requirements change in different situationsLO 9.4 Demonstrate how norms exert influence on an individual’s behaviorLO 9.6 Describe how issues of cohesiveness and diversity can be integrated for group effectivenessLO 9.7 Contrast the strengths and weaknesses of group decision makingLO 10.2 Contrast groups and teamsLO 10.4 Identify the characteristics of effective teamsLO 10.6 Describe when to use individuals instead of teams

One of the most difficult tasks for a multinational company is how to manage groups and teams acrosscultures. What works in the home country often has no value in other cultures.XYX Company is based in the US with a major subsidiary in Japan. What works in the US often has littlevalue in Japan. For example, in the US is common to have work teams compete against each other andto reward the winning teams. In Japan’s collectivistic cultural values, opening competing with others isfrowned on.Performance appraisal is another good example. If an American employee doesn’t do a good job, theperson may be replaced. In Japan this seldom happens. The Americans want results but the Japaneseare often more interested in everyone on the team being helpful and cooperative. Harmony is asimportant as productivity.Based on the information in the case and your reading of the chapter, what would you recommend tobe included in the following assignments you are given as a member of XYZ’s international trainingdepartment?

1. How would you make the teams of the Japanese subsidiary more effective? Which textbookconcepts would help you achieve this goal?2. How would you make the cross-functional team that is working on new product development forboth the US and the Japanese markets as effective as possible? Support your conclusion with textbookconcepts.

LO 12.2 Identify the central tenets and main limitations of behavioral theories of leadershipLO 12.3 Contrast contingency theories of leadershipLO 12.5 Discuss the roles of leaders in creating ethical organizationsLO 12.7 Identify the challenges to our understanding of leadership

Michael M is the CEO of a big capital investment firm. He prides himself when asked about hiscompany’s procedures in referring the questioner to his 80 page Corporate Policy Manual. All 80 pagesare blank. HE sometimes lets key subordinates make multi-million dollar acquisitions without showinghim the paperwork. He refuses to draw up an organizational chart delineating his managers’responsibilities. As he sees it, his business is all about speed. The basketball hoop in his modest,

somewhat disheveled office sums up his self-image. He is a passionate player, determined to prove apoint. He is convinced he can make his firm a global player using his current management style.

1. Based on your understanding of textbook concepts, describe the leadership process used by MichaelM. Do you think he is successful because of, or in spite of, his leadership approach?2. What leadership theories covered in the chapter would best support Michael’s approach? Givespecific examples of theories.

LO 3.5 Summarize the main causes of job satisfactionLO 14.2 Outline the conflict process

Rex is a long term employee of the XYZ Corp. and for the last 5 years has been a supervisor in thefinance department of the firm. He is very loyal to the company and works hard to follow the policiesand orders of the managers above him. Upper-management thinks highly of him. He is valued and well-liked by them.His employees however have an opposite opinion of Rex. They feel he is too concerned with pleasingthe upper-level brass and not concerned enough about his subordinates’ needs and concerns. Forexample, they feel he doesn’t push hard enough to get their department a bigger budget and is afraid ofconflict. They feel they are underpaid and overworked. Every time one of them goes to Rex with anidea for improving the department he has 5 reasons why it can’t be done. His employees are highlydissatisfied. Upper-management seems oblivious to the situation in the finance dept.


1. How would you explain Rex’s management style in terms of one or more approaches discussed inyour text?2. What advice would you (and the textbook) give Rex to improve his motivation of employees?

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